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Home Roasting: Top 5 Online Resources

Home Roasting: Top 5 Online Resources 1

From time to time I go to the city center, to one of my favorite coffe-shop which is simultaneously a roastery, to watch the coffee beans being roasted. It looks like real magic.

In a room separated from the visitors by a transparent partition, the barista pours a third of a bag of coffee into a cylindrical tank. I watch in fascination as the chrome drum slowly rotates, the coffee beans very slow and gradually change their color, and the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans wafts through the neighborhood. The aroma fills not only the cafe but the entire space of the surrounding streets, and it cannot be confused with anything – it smells a little like freshly baked bread, a little like coffee, and it even seems that you can smell the Guatemalan forest where these miracle beans grew.

Art of Home Roasting

So one day I thought to myself, can’t I repeat this trick at home? Of course, I don’t have the all-important coffee roaster, but I have a great desire to do it myself!

After a short search on the Internet, it turned out that a coffee roasting machine was not actually necessary. As my intuition (and I am a home barista, after all:) told me, there are quite simple ways to roast coffee at home using improvised methods.

The Most Basic and Simple Way – A Pan

Let’s say you have a frying pan. What is the most important thing when roasting coffee? The main thing is not to overroast it. Therefore, any cast iron skillet that you have in your kitchen utensils will do, it prevents the coffee from burning immediately. Spread the beans in a thin, and most importantly, very even layer, roast it veeeeery slowly either on electric or gas oven. You shoul stir it constantly to get an even roast, you consantly just have to act like those vending machine in a roastery – stir, stir and stir all the time.

During the roasting, the green coffee beans change their color. By the way, “green” is not a color, the term simply means that the coffee beans have been dried and prepared for roasting. So, the bean should change their color from the natural patina swamp green to a rich dark chocolate color, the way you see them when you open a bag of store-buyed roasted coffee. The surface of the beans should become slightly oily and glossy. Another sign that the beans are sufficiently roasted and it’s time to stop is the taste. Try to bite into the toasted bean, it should taste like – Yes, bread! as that smell in my fav roastery:).

Okay, but how do you know if the beans are overroasted while you’re thinking about the final result for a minute? In barista jargon, overcooked beans are called “baked”. They look like they have sides that are more roasted than they should be, in fact, burnt, and most importantly, the oil is sticking out on the beans. Whereas properly roasted coffee beans have the oil mainly inside, thereby stabilizing their flavor.

How About Oven or even Aerogrill?

You can do the whole process in the oven as well. The trick is that the oven ensures more even heating and browning of the grains, but because the baking sheet is too hot, you need to be very careful when stirring the grains. To protect your hands from burns, always use a long-handled spatula and a potholder. as well. The trick is that the oven ensures more even heating and browning of the grains, but since the baking sheet is too hot, you need to be very careful when stirring the grains. To protect your hands from burning, always use a long-handled spatula and tack.

And if you have your own an Aerogrill, you can try it. Yes, you can roast coffee beans in an Aerogrill, you read that right. It’s not an easy task, even if you’re fairly confident in your grill skills. Prehear the grill to a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and then slow it gradually. Of course, you don’t need to turn anything over, the grill does it for you.

It’s not an easy task, and I bet you’ll ruin your first batch of refried beans and throw them in the trash. In my own experience, it wasn’t the first or even the second attempt that was successful – I wasted almost a whole foot bag of dried beans before I got a satisfactory result.

Where to Search for Roasting Tips?

Nowadays, many things have found their way into the virtual world of gadgets, and this trend has not passed the home barista and roaster business by. Currently, there are a number of coffee roasting apps available, such as Artisan or Cropster. All you need to do is enter the initial data on the type of coffee and weight, and then trust the app to guide you through all the roasting steps.

To improve your skills, don’t hesitate to use search engines. As a rule, large companies that roast and sell coffee beans have a section on their websites with tips for those who want to try the whole process at home. So, look for the Home Roasting tab on websites like this one as far as in the main menu.

YouTube is also a great tool. It’s easy to find a channel about coffee roasting and clarify the quality of the moments that confuse you. Here, for example, a guy explains and shows the whole process of roasting in a pan in simple words. YouTube channels are also good because if the author is in a good mood, he or she could answer your question in the comments.

Here we have compiled a selection of selection of specialized and reliable online resources that will teach you everything you need to know about roasting your own coffee beans.

Home Roasting:

Sweet Maria’s is a self-proclaimed “Coffee University” and you are certain to agree. Learn several roasting methods step by step from this wonderful resource. There is the stovetop popcorn popper method, the skillet/wok method, and the gas oven roasting method. Remember that Sweet Maria is also a coffee supplier, so once you learn the art of home roasting; be sure to buy your green coffee beans and your coffee merchandise here.

Home Roasting:

Coffee Bean Corral is another coffee distributor that offers a wealth of information on coffee and coffee roasting. In the Coffee Library category, you will find sections on Roasting Basics, Bean Storage, Oven Roasting, Popcorn Popper Roasting, and Roasting in a Fresh Roast. Coffee Bean Corral also evaluates roasters making sure you get the quality product you deserve. Remember that this coffee supplier only sells green coffee beans, so it is the perfect place for you to shop to meet all your home roasting needs. Coffee Bean Corral also sells brewers, grinders, roasters, and parts. Check out their specials too!

Home Roasting: is a great resource for the coffee community. What is so great about this site is the comments. is no stranger to truly informative threads consisting of comments from regular people with real experience. Read their Guides & How-Tos, Reviews, Forums, and much more. They offer a wonderful guide to roasting coffee with a popcorn popper here (don’t forget to check out all the resources they have to offer). It is easy to understand, step-by-step instructional guide with pictures to boot! Remember to read the comments at the end of the article, you will get a lot of priceless information from the feedback.

Home Roasting:

The Oakland-based company, which imports coffee from more than 30 countries of origin, has also opened a huge learning hub for coffee lovers. Even if you don’t buy any of its products, you’ll find a lot of interesting things to learn about the history of coffee, coffee varieties, brewing methods, and more. You can not only read informational materials. The resource is a hub in the fullest sense of the word – it’s a laboratory, a space for events, testing new coffee devices, and more.

The site offers many webinars and master classes that will really help you raise your personal level – now not only as a home barista, but also, I’m not afraid to say it, as a home roaster.


Although this resource is not a conventional presentation site, it is a rather informative forum for questions and answers from both professional baristas and coffee amateurs. And the ability to upload videos or photos makes the discussion even more substantive.

Unexpectedly, in the comments to one of them, I found a hint as to why my favorite roastery has a coffee roasting drum fenced off from the rest of the room. It turns out that the roasting result is also strongly influenced by the ambient temperature, which is rarely, if ever, mentioned in courses for beginners. This way, you can transfer the temperature of each individual bean to the entire roasting volume, which is valuable for an even and pleasant taste.

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Now you are on your way to becoming a world-class home coffee roaster. Enjoy life and enjoy your coffee!

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