Who’s Your Girl? Arabica or Robusta?

A Poetic Journey to Finding the Best Coffee From the Best Coffee Beans


It will be years before you have her, but you wait. The soil of Kings and Queens raise her in the high, far-off corners of the world, and you wait. She’s adorned with fragrant white flowers on days the sun chooses her… And when she’s ready, she blushes red and purple. Don’t take her too soon and don’t take her too late. One misstep and you ruin her. She’s wrapped in cherry and her shade of skin will inspire your action. You watch with love and wait with attention. She knows when you look away. She falls when you look away… And you have lost her.
If you dance around her character just right, she lets you taste her. You love her… and you wait for her again. But remember, she has a bad day on occasion.

We have prepared you a list of some of the best Arabica Coffee beans in our TOP-7 Best Arabica Coffee Beans.


She’s bitter, but she grows – you won’t easily get rid of her. She knows how to rough it and she’s a jolt down the throat. She wants to fulfill your need of her in your bloodstream, but if you have refined wants – you’re on your own. She’s sometimes hard to swallow, but she doesn’t depend on your changing moods to live. She thrives. She laughs when you try to knock her out of her tree, but she leaves it up to you on how to use her – she can take it. She gets you through the day and puts hair on your chest… but hold on, because sometimes she surprises you… if you surprise her with a little care and cleaning up.

Who’s your girl?

Choosing the best coffee is an intimate adventure. One that takes you on trips of tangy, bitter enjoyment, to sweet, chocolaty escape. Arabica coffee beans or Robusta coffee beans? The choice can, for some, determine which makes the best coffee. Some choose one or the other and some play the field.

Enjoy life and enjoy your coffee – no matter your type!

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