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What Is The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

most expensive coffee

What kind of coffee do you drink, expensive or not? Did you know that there are quite a few elite varieties of coffee in the world, sometimes costing up to $1200 per pound?

What Is The World's Most Expensive Coffee 2

We have found the most expensive coffee in the world. Coffee connoisseurs highly appreciate the flavor composition of premium coffees, the cost of which is influenced by the unique technology of its production. Don’t be surprised if the specifics of its creation turn your idea of traditional methods of producing something that a person can consume as food upside down.

This coffee is sold online by Black Ivory Coffee company, but it’s better to try it in one of a few Thai hotels.

Unusual Morning Coffee

Picture this – you step into the lobby of a fancy Thai hotel, feeling a bit groggy from a late night out. You make your way towards the smell of freshly brewed coffee that’s wafting in the air. As you approach the hotel’s cafe, you notice the cozy atmosphere and the sound of soft jazz music playing in the background. You take a deep breath and feel your senses being awakened by the aroma of the coffee.

As you get closer to the counter, you see a list of different types of coffee and pastries on offer. The barista greets you with a smile and asks what you would like. You decide to go for a latte and a croissant, which the barista prepares with precision and care. You take a seat in one of the comfortable armchairs and savor the warmth of the coffee and the buttery goodness of the croissant. You just paid $50 for a coffee. The most expensive coffee in the world – Black Ivory Coffee.

Why Black Ivory Coffee Is So Expensive?

First of all, this variety of Thai Arabica coffee is grown on only one small plantation in the warm and humid northern region of Thailand, where optimal conditions are created for the ripening of exotic fruits.

Secondly, people involve animals in the production of this variety. Obviously, it happened by accident for the first time, but the resulting flavor impressed local coffee enthusiasts so much that they started doing it on purpose.

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The brand name, Black Ivory, refers to the fact that elephants are involved in the production process. After harvesting, the berries are fed to elephants, who then naturally digest and excrete the beans through their digestive tract. These beans are then harvested, washed, sun-dried and peeled, resulting in Black Ivory coffee, which is known as the most expensive on the world market.

Thirdly, not much coffee is produced – to get one kilogram of high-quality beans, an elephant needs to be fed as much as 33 kilograms of berries.

Fourth, the beans are roasted in micro portions. Roasting is done only on demand, which makes the coffee fresh, unique, and of the highest quality.

What Does Black Ivory Coffee Taste Like?

Experts agree that the taste of freshly brewed espresso made from this coffee is incomparable to any other coffee in the world. The flavor is described as soft, delicate, and without any hint of bitterness, with subtle notes of cocoa and spices, and a light caramel undertone that adds to its depth and richness.

What Is The World's Most Expensive Coffee 6

One of the most striking things about this coffee is its unique composition. The process of feeding the coffee berries to elephants, allowing them to ferment in their digestive tracts, and collecting the beans from their feces creates a unique and complex flavor profile that is almost impossible to replicate in natural conditions. As a result, this coffee variety is highly valued and considered a rare and unique luxury item.

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