Is There Really Any Decaf Coffee?

I had to switch to decaf recently. The caffeine was making me too wired and I didn’t want to give up on the good things coffee brings to me. But guess what? After several cups, I was hyped up again.

Why Does Decaf Coffee Give You the Jitters?

Decaf coffee is not always completely caffeine-free — there are often trace amounts of caffeine in every cup. I think this is good news.
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Instead of drinking ten cups of decaf coffee — because you will, you know you will — drink one piping hot cup of caffeinated coffee. Drink fully and enjoy. Then be certain to drink water, eat frequently and healthfully, and exercise. Don’t be like those people who have diet drinks all day. Diet drinks are bad for you, especially if that is all you drink. Have one regular soda and enjoy it, really taste it. Then move on with your life.

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The only thing we should be drinking all day long is water. Let all the other drinks be a small but wonderful gift we give to ourselves once or twice a day. It is far better to drink one or two cups of caffeinated coffee (far, far, far better), than to drink one cup of decaf after the next. You will enjoy it all the more!

Is There Really Any Decaf Coffee? 1

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