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Fast Food Coffee: Where to Get Your Coffee When You’re on the Go

Fast Food Coffee: Where to Get Your Coffee When You’re on the Go 1
In summertime everybody’s taking some time off. We are on the road; we are on the go. Our routines are disrupted and we are enjoying some spontaneity. But what about our home-brewed coffee? Well, that’s just not going to happen.

Fast Food Coffee

Surprising Places to Get a Good Cup of Joe When You’re on the Go

1. McDonald’s Fast Food Coffee

Yep. I won’t eat here, but I’ve been known to grab a fast-food coffee joint on occasion. Their coffee is smooth and does the trick. I don’t add sugar to my coffee and I didn’t need to. Some places are known to burn their coffee because their customers use so much sugar and they still want that coffee taste. McDonald’s regular coffee is good with a little cream. Try their fast-food coffee, let us know what you think.

2. Chik-fil-a Fast Food Coffee

OK, I’ll eat here. I’ve only had their fast food coffee once, but I loved it. They also offer flavored creamer. I tried the hazelnut and found it very pleasing. So, I guess in all honesty, I can’t tell you what their coffee tastes like because I added the flavored creamer, but that was the phase I was in. And maybe that’s the phase you’re in now. Enjoy!

3. Burger King Fast Food Coffee

This fast food joint has Seattle’s Best and that is what I often buy to brew at home. So, I feel pretty comfortable drinking fast-food coffee at Burger King. I can go back to the bare minimum here and just add a little cream.
I’m not certain about Burger King or Chik-fil-a, but I know McDonald’s offers specialty coffee drinks for those of you that want your fast food coffee to also be a milkshake. The craziest I get with fast food coffee is a cappuccino (my favorite, actually) so I can’t tell you how these drinks are, but let us know if you have tried and enjoyed one.
For those of you who are out there on the road, enjoying these summer months, let us know where you love to get your morning, afternoon, or evening fast-food coffee. We’d love to know how you fuel your day.

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