Civet Coffee Beans – Kinda Gross, But Tasty

Civet coffee is interesting, to say the least, type of coffee from Indonesia and the Philippines.
Civet Coffee Beans – Kinda Gross, But Tasty 1
The wild civet (a cat-like mammal) is a true coffee bean connoisseur, only choosing to consume the best coffee cherry available.

Once the beans are ingested by the civet, the coffee beans go through an important transformation by enzymes contained in the civet’s body. Once the coffee cherries, to say politely, pass through the civet, they are then washed, roasted, and brewed for a unique coffee drinking experience.

Perhaps, it is wise not to think too much about the origins of this drink if you happen to get your hands on some.
While the process doesn’t seem pleasant, it’s the taste that matters. If you’ve ever had this type of coffee, let us know what you thought about it in the comments…