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Green Coffee Beans – How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee of Your Life

Green Coffee Beans – How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee of Your Life 1

What Are Green Coffee Beans?

What Are Green Coffee Beans

Coffee drinkers today have stepped it up a few notches (from buying roasted or ground beans from the store) and are roasting their very own green coffee beans at home.
Green coffee beans are un-roasted whole coffee beans. Green coffee beans come from the coffee plant typically grown in tropical or subtropical regions. The seeds – what we call “beans” – are found two at a time in cherries found on the plant.

How Do I Store Green Coffee Beans?

When you buy green coffee beans, store them away from direct sunlight. Also, make sure they are in a container that allows them to breathe – a fabric bag works well. Or you can get the Fresh Coffee Bean Airtight Container Wooden For Coffee Beans Grounds.
If you store your green coffee beans properly they will keep their flavor and freshness for a good bit of time. Use your properly stored green coffee beans within 2 years to make sure your coffee is at its best.

What Do I Need to Know About Roasting Green Coffee Beans?

The sooner you brew your coffee beans after you roast them the better, but allow them time to cool and mature in flavor first (at least 4 hours).
Remember to grind the beans just before you brew as they lose flavor and complexity if kept in the ground state for even the smallest amount of time.
Try to brew your coffee within a week after roasting the beans. Many coffee lovers even suggest brewing coffee beans within 24-48 hours after roasting.

What Are the Different Methods to Roast Green Coffee Beans?

There are several methods of roasting your green coffee beans:

• Buy a coffee roasting machine
• Use a hot air popcorn popper
• Use a cast-iron skillet
It will take some experimenting to find the depth of roast you prefer the best, or you might enjoy several different roast levels.

Roasting Stages:

• early yellow
• yellow-tan
• light brown or cinnamon
• brown
• city roast (1st crack)
• city+ roast
• full city roast
• full city+ roast (2nd crack)
• Vienna-light French-continental
• full French
• and pretty much burnt from here on out)
The beans start to burn at full French. Many coffee drinkers prefer to pull the beans somewhere between City Roast and Vienna (good for espresso).

Take the time to learn the art of home roasting from the experts!

But if you don’t intend to complicate your life, we have prepared you a list of some of the best Arabica Coffee beans in our TOP 7 Best Arabica Coffee Beans. Just try and enjoy your fresh coffee! You deserve it!

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