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Caffeinated Coffee. What to Do With Your Caffeine Brain

Caffeinated Coffee. What to Do With Your Caffeine Brain 1
I visited with a friend recently over a cup of caffeinated coffee. By the end of the get-together I was wired and ready to go.

caffeinated coffee

On the twenty-minute drive home, I convinced myself a cop was behind me. I couldn’t relax and just drive. I just knew he was going to pull me over and ask how much I had to drink. “One large cappuccino, sir.” “Cuff her boys, she’s over the limit.”
All possible outcomes of this scenario flashed through my head. Why? Because my brain needed something to sink its teeth into. Why? Because that’s what caffeine needs too.

Do You Think You Know Enough About Caffeinated Coffee?

That’s what I love about coffee. I drink a caffeinated coffee cup and I am all of a sudden inspired to clean the refrigerator and do a crossword puzzle at the same time.
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So, remember, enjoy your caffeinated coffee, but engage your brain too or else you’re going to go down the paranoid road. Sometimes the brain is like a bored and frustrated puppy, especially when it’s a caffeinated brain, and if you don’t give it a toy to play with, it’s gonna chew up your couch.
I try not to do passive activities after I have my caffeinated coffee cup of joe. I’ve driven these roads a million times, so if I’m super alert and ready to do something, driving isn’t the best for me. My mind starts to wander and convinces me I’m going to prison for a caffeinated coffee.

Activities for the Caffeine Brain

Do you exercise? I know of some athletes (very well hydrated athletes, mind you) who enjoy a small caffeinated coffee cup before they exercise. It really helps to pump them up.
Need to focus on an activity you’re not thrilled to do? Grab a caffeinated coffee cup of joe. It will help you focus and zip through those otherwise frustrating activities.
Hanging with some friends over a pot of coffee? I suggest you engage in an activity as you converse. Otherwise, you will find yourself jittery and not letting anyone else talk. I like Scrabble and poker myself.
Hanging by yourself for the day? Get out those crossword puzzles and work on that vocabulary. Is there a book you’ve been dying to read but the author likes to write in a manner that has you reaching for the dictionary every five sentences? Well, this is the time to tackle that book. Your mind will love the challenge and the caffeine will support it.
Have a dog? Play some tug of war or go for a hike. Strengthen your bond by doing an activity you can both engage in. I don’t suggest fetch because that’s a lot of you just standing around thinking how bored you are. Your dog can sense that and won’t think you are so fun either.

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Let us know what activities thrill you after you’ve had your favorite caffeinated coffee cup.

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