My Sunday Coffee: New England Coffee Chocolate Cappuccino

It’s Sunday, the day I like to try a new coffee. I like getting excited about things that don’t matter one way or the other; life is easier to enjoy that way. If the coffee is bad, so what? I reach in my freezer for the good ol’ stand-by. If the coffee is good, great! It becomes my good ol’ standby for the next time I buy bad tasting coffee.

This morning I tried New England Coffee Chocolate Cappuccino. How could I say no to a package of coffee that includes my three favorite things: chocolate, cappuccino, and the idea of New England (I want to go to Vermont one day.)

Now, I take my coffee with just a dollop of half and half and I don’t even know if this brew needed that. This flavored coffee is smooth, going down nice and easy. It’s the perfect drink to sip on Sunday, while I take in the day slowly and leisurely. I love the faint chocolate aroma wafting through my kitchen as I sit on my bar stool and read my favorite blogs.

(Image From New England Coffee)

The first sip gives me that little cappuccino bite that I love so much, but then my tongue adjusts and I enjoy a gentle, creamy flavor for the rest of my cup. You know, I think I’ll make another!

What is your favorite coffee drink to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon?

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