How the Rest of the World is Drinking Coffee Part 2

Here is our 2nd installment of how the rest of the world is drinking coffee. Sit back, relax, and travel the world with every cup of coffee. . .


Parisian coffee sucks. This, at least, seems to be the overall consensus. And, of course, it doesn’t all suck. Just read The New York Times Style Magazine’s article Why Is Coffee in Paris So Bad? which gives you one example of good coffee in France. But like all things, there’s a great story behind its suckiness  (so to speak). Lets just say the focus wasn’t on flavor. Read about the history of Parisian coffee in Stewart Lee Allen’s The Devil’s Cup.


Japan created canned coffee. This coffee is brewed and ready to go. It comes in a can similiar to individual soda cans. You can get canned coffee at the convenience stores or even vending machines. Hey, even Brad Pitt appeared in some Japenese canned coffee commercials. But thats not all, the Japenese also bathe in coffee grounds or hot coffee–it is great for the skin!


If you’re ever in Seoul, stop by a cafe to get a cup of coffee. And while you sip it, a bunch of fish will nibble the callouses and dead skin off your feet!

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