The Rest of the World is Drinking Coffee in a Way that You Never Dreamed Of

I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.  ~Caskie Stinnett

Even if you can’t travel, you can certainly disrupt your coffee routine by learning how the rest of the world drinks their coffee:


The Vietnamese love to drink their coffee with condensed milk. Try it iced (Ca phe sua da) or hot (Ca phe sua nong). To make this delicious drink into an ice cream treat, visit Chaos in the Kitchen. Etiquette Tip: If having coffee with others, wait until everyone’s cup is filled before you sip on your beverage.

Finland & Sweden

Kaffeost is a Finnish dish that consists of pouring coffee over cheese. Learn the history as well as the recipe at Mug Life. Etiquette Tip: Coffee is enjoyed after meals. Always experience this joy with your hosts.


In Turkey, professional coffee cup readers tell your fortune in your cup of coffee. Etiquette Tip: Accept coffee graciously and see it as an offering of friendship. And don’t sip to the bottom! Learn why at the Turkish Cultural Foundation.


Romans stand up at the espresso bar to drink their strong coffee drink. Etiquette Tip: Coffee with milk after morning is a no-no. Learn more Italian coffee etiquette at


The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony will inspire you to bring a lovely sense of community and ritual into your coffee drinking. The ceremony is a brilliant and beautiful daily occasion. Etiquette Tip: Take your time, stay awhile, and drink the third cup. Watch this video to learn more, this is community and culture at its best:

Visit Best Coffee Beans as we continue our series on drinking coffee around the world.

Photo by: jo9ce4line0

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