Refreshing Iced Coffee Recipes with a Side of Willie Nelson Wisdom

Summer time calls for iced coffee and great books. There seems as many ways to make iced coffee (with many an iced coffee recipe to choose from) as there are summer books to choose from. But have no worries, relax into the season and allow us to make some suggestions…

5 Iced Coffee Recipe Tips

  • Iced Coffee Tip #1: Fill your ice trays up with your left-over coffee. Coffee ice cubes are perfect for keeping your iced coffee from becoming watered-down. Check-out how Week of Menus blogger Joanne Choi makes her iced coffee–you’ll never drink iced coffee the same again.  Recommended Summer Reading: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon. You can’t beat reading a novel full of summer adventures, love affairs, and connections to the mob. By the way, save a buck and bypass the Ivy League–Chabon will give you all the vocabulary you could ever want.
  • Iced Coffee Tip #2: Make extra coffee in the morning for iced coffee to drink in the heat of the afternoon. Remember to allow the coffee to cool before you place it in the fridge. Once chilled, mix the coffee with milk and ice and you are ready to go. Recommended Summer Reading: The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy. This book will take you away to Carolina sand and ocean no matter how far you are from the beach. But bring some tissues, this book is heavy with childhood tragedies.
  • Iced Coffee RecipeIced Coffee Tip #3: It is time to get a little fancy.  Put 2 scoops of ice into a bar shaker and pour dark-roasted, chilled coffee over the ice. Add milk, cover and shake it up, old sport. Fill a drinking cup with ice and strain the coffee, using a Hawthorn or Julep strainer, from the bar shaker into the drinking cup. Now, sip and enjoy. Recommended Summer Reading: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is the summer of 1922, rich people are throwing legendary parties, and all you have to do is sit back, sip your exquisitely made iced coffee, and enjoy the read.
  • Iced Coffee Tip #4: Use the cold-brew method. Soak coarse coffee grounds in water overnight. Use roughly 1 part coffee to 3 parts water. Once brewed, filter out the coffee grounds and enjoy. Taste before you add milk, you may find the cold-brewed coffee delicious without it. Recommended Summer Reading: The Tao of Willie: A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart by Willie Nelson. Willie gives you the wisdom that he has learned over the years. His philosophy is funny and its cool. Willie ain’t nothing if he ain’t cool. . . and we all know that he is one cool cat.
  • Iced Coffee Tip #5: Add cinnamon, lemon slices, or agave nectar to your iced coffee for a flavorful treat. Recommended Summer Viewing: Take a break from all that reading and enjoy some fabulous photography at IcedCoffee.

Photo by: whitneyinchicago

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