Stove Top Coffee Percolator

Interested in purchasing a stove top coffee percolator? Well, here are a few percolator tidbits to help you along with your decision. We will also give you a link to a stove top coffee percolator expert. Be sure to also check out the instructional video below.

  • Remember: A stove top coffee percolator does not make instant coffee. Invest in good quality coffee that is freshly ground to coarse. And give yourself time to make your coffee, no need to rush!

  • You will not need a paper coffee filter for your percolator. You will reuse the filter basket provided with the pot. This is a great convenience. No more wasting money on disposable filters or filling up the landfills with them.

  • Use good quality water. Filter your water if necessary. Start out with cool water, never hot. Once it receives enough heat from the stove, the water will form bubbles and move up the percolator stem. It will then seep through the coffee grounds and continue the cycle. You will hear the percolator perking.

  • Remember your coffee-making basics. Do the right measurements with water and coffee grounds.

  • When you place your stove top coffee percolator on the stove top, making sure all the components are securely in their proper place, turn the stove top to medium heat. You don’t want to burn your coffee and this may take some practice. But only because you are starting something new. Using a stove top coffee percolator is not at all difficult.

  • When your coffee is brewed to your liking (please check out the amazing The Quaker Kitchen to get detailed information on just how long to brew your coffee.) take it off the stove top. Use an over mitt because the pot and lid are all hot! Also be careful of steam. Using a stove top coffee percolator is not dangerous, you just have to take sensible precautions.

  • Be certain to keep your stove top coffee percolator clean. Just wash like you would any of your dishes with a mild detergent and sponge. Keeping your coffee percolator free of coffee residue is going to keep that cup of joe fresh and tasty!

  • Using a glass stove top coffee percolator can also be fun. You watch the water brew right before your eyes. It is fun to look forward to that coffee while watching the water become darker and darker with that delectable taste.

Do you use a stove top coffee percolator? Please leave a comment below. Our readers would love to read any helpful advice. Let us know what your favorite percolator brands. Also share what kind of coffee tastes best to you in a percolator.

The best step-by-step video I have come across for making the perfect cup with a stove top coffee percolator comes from The Quaker Kitchen.


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