My Sunday Coffee: No Creamer!

Drinking coffee on Sunday is how I pay my respects to the day—by enjoying the day! Coffee adds the enjoyment.

There was no coffee in the house, so a quick run to the store was in order. But guess what I forgot … my half n’ half!

So I did it. I took the plunge. I went where my tongue had never went before (well, it went there before, but on accident. And, at the time, the first time I ever consumed coffee in fact, black coffee tasted like someone with mad street fighting skills punched me in the tongue). Anyway, I drank my coffee this Sunday, for the second time in my life, black. I didn’t even put sugar in it to offset the lack of creamer.

And you know what, it was pretty darn good.

Of course my coffee was flavored, so that helped.

But there’s a lesson here: You don’t have to go to extremes to try something new. You don’t have to completely disrupt your routine. All you have to do is tweek your routine every once in awhile. Drink your coffee black. Smell you coffee for a full twenty seconds before you taste it. Listen to music instead of reading the newspaper while you have a cup of joe. All is needed is the tiniest of change for a whole new perspective.

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One Comment on "My Sunday Coffee: No Creamer!"

  • Olga Hartman on Wed, 9th Nov 2011 12:01 pm 

    So you liked it strong, eh? I myself love drinking coffee without anything in it just to try it for taste!


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