My Sunday Coffee: Irish Creme Mocha,Thievery, and Blue Christmas Lights

Best Coffee Beans visited a local coffee/book shop over the weekend where I ordered a cappuccino that I did not drink. Why would I drink a cappuccino when my Best Coffee Beans partner ordered a little something called an Irish Creme Mocha?

So, I drank that instead.

My partner, well, he’s still thirsty.

No One In Their Right Mind Would …

You might be wondering why I didn’t order the mocha for myself. No one in their right mind would. The Irish Creme Mocha was not listed as an Irish Creme Mocha on the menu, but was referred to as a long list of words (word-like words … word-ish words) trendy people use.

I am not trendy. Nor do I order coffee-drinks that get all sentence-y on me. But if the coffee drinks are tasty, I do steal them from other people who are shameless enough to order them … i.e. my work partner.

I’ve got my pride.

Bottoms Up!

Now, down to the important stuff. Go. Now. Run if you have to. But only if you prefer that over walking … or biking … or driving. There’s really no rush, but just go to your local coffee shop and get them to make you an Irish Creme Mocha.

Here are the reasons why you will love it:

1. Milk

2. Chocolate

3. Coffee

4. Irish Creme syrup

5. You get to pretend you are getting drunk … because of the Irish Creme. I waaaay prefer pretending to be drunk than actually being drunk. It brings me back to my childhood when I would act like my water was Vodka. Great times!

The Irish Creme Mocha is smooth and sweet – a full flavor that makes contact with every part of your mouth, but lightly! Sip this hot beverage while thumbing through a Roald Dahl, while tuning your ears to Mazzy Star, while gazing upon a room draped with blue Christmas lights … and then tell us all about it by leaving a comment below.

Happy Irish Creme Mocha drinking!

Drinking Irish Creme Mocha is good, but can be even better if your have an awesome looking kitchen. What in the world am I talking about? Splashbacks. Yeah, we talk about coffee here, but why not throw in some kitchen splashback ideas just for the fun of it. Drink your coffee while looking at a masterpiece of mosaic, magnetic or even chalkboard splashbacks!

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One Comment on "My Sunday Coffee: Irish Creme Mocha,Thievery, and Blue Christmas Lights"

  • Olga Hartman on Wed, 9th Nov 2011 10:06 am 

    Ha ha! You have a funny mind! :) I myself get intimadated by coffee that gets all sentence-y. It all still boils down to how good the coffee beans are anyway.


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