Why the World Loves Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and 6 Ways to Fall in Love With It Yourself

What Makes Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Special?

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is known and loved all over the world. It is grown in the lush Blue Mountains of Jamaica – the largest mountain range of the Caribbean island nation. Do not mistake Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee with Jamaican High Mountain or Low Mountain Coffee as these are grown at a lower elevation. . .making Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee one-of-a-kind.

Why People Love It:

  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a mild coffee
  • It has a nutty, refined flavor and is smooth
  • It has no bitter after taste

Where You Can Find It:

1. BlueMountainCoffee.com

You will find certified (by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica) Mavis Bank Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee here. Enjoy this Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee distributor’s products as well as its site’s informative video and gift boxes.

2. MunnsWorldCoffee.com

This online store is a sister site to BlueMountainCoffee.com.  Here, you can travel the world in your morning cup of coffee.  Shop coffee by origin from The Americas to The Islands.

3. ReggiesRoast.com

Offering certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee as well as other premium and organic coffees, you’ll enjoy ordering from this coffee distributor that also offers information on the history and basics of Jamaican coffee. Find coffee from the Moy Hall coffee factory here.

4. TradeWindsCoffee.com

Here you will find certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from the Wallenford Estate.  Tradewinds offers a great deal on shipping and helps you understand roast types and profiles with its handy roast classification chart. Be sure to check out this stores other fine gourmet coffees. Visit Wallenford.com to find out more about the Wallenford company and its coffee.

5. OldTavernCoffee.com

Visit this site to learn more about the Old Tavern Coffee Estate and order certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

6. NationalGeographic.com

Ok, this isn’t a place to buy your premium, 100% certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (though it does offer some great links to coffee sites), but it is a great article for the true coffee lover.  Read how “The search for the world’s best coffee leads to a  far-out Jamaican farm”.

How to Buy Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Make sure that the coffee beans you buy are from a certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee mill. Authenticity is important when it comes to this specific type of coffee.  Certified coffee factories include: Mavis Bank, Wallenford, Old Tavern, and Moy Hall.


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