The Latte Lowdown – Coffee Appliances and Coffee Insults

We’ve got some good stuff for you today on this edition of The Latte Lowdown. We talk about how coffee is changing the job market, how husbands in the ’50s and ’60s were just horrible jerks to their wives about their coffee-making ability and some awesome coffee appliances to boot!

Coffee News

  • Is Your Coffee Craving Just In Your Head?

    Find out if that morning coffee is really necessary, or if you just think you need it …

  • Leave the Factory, Join the Coffee Shops

    Find out how coffee shops are changing the work force …

  • 10 Loved Coffee Appliances

    Check out these awesome coffee appliances …

Coffee Humor

  • Being a Jerk to Your Wife because You Hate Her Coffee

    These guys are pretty rough on their wives … but coffee drinkers are known to be particular.

Coffee Deals

  • Coffee For Less Clearance

  • Costa Rica Gourmet Coffee, just $7 per bag + Free Shipping at Cafe Britt

If nothing else, hopefully this will teach husbands to be nice to their wives, regardless of how bad their coffee may be.

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