There is No Such Thing as Espresso Coffee Beans

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Yes, that’s right. There is no such thing as espresso coffee beans. What makes an espresso an espresso is not “espresso coffee beans”, but rather the grinding and the brewing of the coffee beans.

How to Make an Espresso:

Any type of coffee bean or level of roast is used to make espresso, though many coffee lovers prefer to roast differently for espresso as opposed to drip coffee–a darker roast works very well for espresso. This is because a darker roasted coffee bean is less acidic, which reduces the high acidity that is usually created through the espresso brewing process.  But it is a matter of preference.

The ground coffee beans  for espresso have a much finer consistency than the more coarsely ground beans of regular coffee.  Also, like any great coffee drink, the “espresso coffee beans” are ground to order which adds a nice sense of ritual to each espresso making occasion. . .coffee is at its best when freshly ground.    To brew this concentrated coffee drink, high pressured steam powers hot water through the finely ground coffee beans. And voila (excuse the French), now you have this Italian born beverage ready for the sipping. . .or the gulping.

How to Drink an Espresso:

Many espresso drinkers take espresso alone in an espresso shot, or shots for those who can take the jolt. Some enjoy to stir their espresso before consumption to mix the sweetness found at the bottom of  an espresso throughout the drink.  Others see espresso as a layered drink and like to experience the changes with each sip.  And still, many other espresso lovers enjoy their beverage blended with other liquids entirely.  Here are some popular examples:

  • Americano or Cafe Americano–Espresso with hot water.
  • Breve–Espresso with steamed half-and-half.
  • Cappuccino–Espresso with milk steamed to foam (dry cappuccino has more foam and wet cappuccino has more milk).
  • Iced Coffee–Chilled espresso over ice with milk.
  • Latte–Espresso with milk steamed to slight foam.
  • Mocha–Latte with chocolate.
  • Red Eye or Black Eye–Regular coffee with espresso shot(s).

And Finally, How to Love Espresso (as if you didn’t already know. . .)

Coffee creates its own atmosphere.  Perhaps what you enjoy most about your coffee drinking experience is the aroma, or maybe its the taste, or sipping a cup with your best friend or while reading a good book; but no matter your reason for loving coffee–you are not alone.  If you are an espresso lover, you are certainly not alone!

Now you know about  ”Espresso Coffee Beans” and the drinks they make, you are ready to go to the local café and enjoy a cup of your own.  Better yet, buy an espresso machine for your home or even learn the art of home roasting to truly experience the act of creating a great cup of coffee.

Who’s Your Girl? Arabica or Robusta

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It will be years before you have her, but you wait. The soil of Kings and Queens raise her in the high, far-off corners of the world, and you wait. She’s adorned with fragrant white flowers on days the sun chooses her… and when she’s ready, she blushes red and purple.  Don’t take her too soon and don’t take her too late. One misstep and you ruin her. She’s wrapped in cherry and her shade of skin will inspire your action. You watch with love and wait with attention. She knows when you look away. She falls when you look away… and you have lost her.

If you dance around her character just right, she lets you taste her. You love her… and you wait for her again. But remember, she has a bad day on occasion.


She’s bitter, but she grows – you won’t easily get rid of her. She knows how to rough it and she’s a jolt down the throat. She wants to fulfill your need of her in your bloodstream, but if you have refined wants – you’re on your own. She’s sometimes hard to swallow, but she doesn’t depend on your changing moods to live.  She thrives. She laughs when you try to knock her out of her tree, but she  leaves it up to you on how to use her – she can take it.

She gets you through the day and puts hair on your chest… but hold on, because sometimes she surprises you… if you surprise her with a little care and cleaning up.

Who’s your girl?

Arabica coffee beans or Robusta coffee beans? Some choose one or the other and some play the field.

Enjoy life and enjoy your coffee – no matter your type!

Why the World Loves Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and 6 Ways to Fall in Love With It Yourself

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What Makes Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Special?

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is known and loved all over the world. It is grown in the lush Blue Mountains of Jamaica – the largest mountain range of the Caribbean island nation. Do not mistake Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee with Jamaican High Mountain or Low Mountain Coffee as these are grown at a lower elevation. . .making Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee one-of-a-kind.

Why People Love It:

  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a mild coffee
  • It has a nutty, refined flavor and is smooth
  • It has no bitter after taste

Where You Can Find It:


You will find certified (by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica) Mavis Bank Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee here. Enjoy this Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee distributor’s products as well as its site’s informative video and gift boxes.


This online store is a sister site to  Here, you can travel the world in your morning cup of coffee.  Shop coffee by origin from The Americas to The Islands.


Offering certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee as well as other premium and organic coffees, you’ll enjoy ordering from this coffee distributor that also offers information on the history and basics of Jamaican coffee. Find coffee from the Moy Hall coffee factory here.


Here you will find certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from the Wallenford Estate.  Tradewinds offers a great deal on shipping and helps you understand roast types and profiles with its handy roast classification chart. Be sure to check out this stores other fine gourmet coffees. Visit to find out more about the Wallenford company and its coffee.


Visit this site to learn more about the Old Tavern Coffee Estate and order certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.


Ok, this isn’t a place to buy your premium, 100% certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (though it does offer some great links to coffee sites), but it is a great article for the true coffee lover.  Read how “The search for the world’s best coffee leads to a  far-out Jamaican farm”.

How to Buy Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Make sure that the coffee beans you buy are from a certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee mill. Authenticity is important when it comes to this specific type of coffee.  Certified coffee factories include: Mavis Bank, Wallenford, Old Tavern, and Moy Hall.

Whole Bean Coffee, How Do I Love Thee? The Hidden Art of Fabulous Coffee!

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How to Have a Love Affair with Your Coffee. . .

Well, perhaps it is better to say a strong enthusiasm for coffee! Either way you phrase it, you drink coffee because you enjoy it.

Go a little deeper into the pleasure of drinking coffee and buy whole coffee beans, grind them yourself, and enjoy a freshly brewed hot beverage to start your day. . . you won’t go back to buying pre-ground coffee once you do.

The Advantages of Whole Coffee Beans. Let Me Count the Ways. . .

With whole coffee beans, your coffee will be:

  1. Fresher
  2. Brighter
  3. More complex
  4. And nothing beats a soothing, hands-on coffee-making ritual in the morning!

Now, Who is Going to Give You Your Love Fix?

Whole coffee beans are sold in many convenient locations.  Grocery stores carry them as well as your local café. You can also buy your whole coffee beans from an online coffee supplier who will send you regular shipments of your favorite whole coffee beans.

You will thank yourself in the morning if you order Kona Coffee. You will love their whole coffee beans!

If  you don’t have a grinder, you can have your local café will grind your whole coffee beans for you. . .

Ooh La La, Lets Get Down to the Grinding. . .

You will need to purchase a grinder.

  • A blade grinder is used for coarser grinds.
  • A burr grinder is more expensive but will grind your coffee in any way you wish from Turkish grind to coarse, allowing you to change-up your brewing style anytime you wish.
  • Remember to grind your beans suitable to your coffee style: use a coarse grind for a French press, a medium grind for automatic drip coffee makers, a super fine grind for espresso machines, and a Turkish grind for Turkish coffee.
  • Your favorite part of grinding will surely be enjoying the wonderful aroma of freshly ground whole coffee beans!

And Just To Be Safe, Remember. . .

  • Treating coffee as a perishable product will keep you consistently drinking good coffee.
  • The sooner you grind and brew your coffee after the roasting process, the better (given that the newly roasted whole coffee beans have been given time to cool and fully develop their flavors).
  • Many people prefer to grind and brew their whole coffee beans within 24-72 hours after they have roasted it, but others still find their coffee just as delicious if they wait even 1-2 weeks.
  • Remember to store your whole coffee beans in an airtight container away from direct sunlight.  Do not store your coffee in the refrigerator as the coffee will absorb the odors from your refrigerated items.
  • For the best cup of coffee, grind whole coffee beans right before brewing.  Just grind enough for what you will be immediately drinking as you sacrifice the complex taste of the coffee when you allow it to sit ground for even the smallest amount of time.

Enjoy life and remember to order Kona Whole Coffee Beans now!

Colombian Coffee

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People around the globe love the unique taste of Colombian Coffee and note its particular excellence in the coffee world. The colombian Coffee-Growers Axis is where some of the highest quality coffee in the world comes from.  This region of Colombia consists of Risaralda, Caldas, and Quindio–which are chiefly known for their top-notch coffee plantations.  Also, another department of Colombia that is worth mentioning–in terms of coffee, of course–is Tolima.  Tolima offers a delightful roast.  Check out detailed and informative reviews of coffees from this region on . .and buy some too!

So, are you ready for a rich and deeply aromatic cup of Colombian Coffee?  Here are some great online stores that want to give you exactly that.

As stated above, this is a fabulous place to get great information on coffee. . .and they want to be your green coffee supplier too! If you really want to learn about coffee, this is the place to visit.  They are a self-proclaimed “Coffee University” and you are sure to agree. Sweet Maria’s gives you the ins and outs of home roasting and brewing.  They have a very informative and helpful section on coffee equipment.  And when you look for a particular type of coffee from Sweet Maria’s, you are in for an education.  No matter where the particular coffee you are searching for comes from, this site will give you a history of the coffee region and a detailed review of the coffee itself. . . and if they don’t like it, they will tell you why. Make sure you check out their section of Colombian Coffee.

Get your Colombian Supremo bean here.  With Tradewinds Coffee, you can treat yourself to more than just Colombian Coffee.  They offer coffee beans from around the globe and may just become one of your favorite coffee distributors.

The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia created the Juan Valdez logo as a symbol of true Colombian Coffee.  So, when you purchase coffee from this Colombian coffee supplier, you get this important federations stamp of approval on every cup.  Choose from whole bean to organic to even freeze-dried coffees. . .and enjoy their great price too!  While your purchasing your special type of Colombian Coffee on Juan Valdez be sure to also check out their Social Responsibility section as well as their Who is Juan Valdez page.

Enjoy your next cup of Colombian Coffee and take the time to learn the interesting history of this distinctive brewed refreshment from the wonderful, resourceful coffee sites mentioned above!

Why You Should Be Drinking Kona Coffee Now and 3 Great Ways to Get It In Your Cup!

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What Makes Kona Coffee Special?

The exclusive and exquisite Kona Coffee comes from a very special region on the Big Island of Hawaii. This coffee region is particularly distinctive because it is the home of some very rich volcanic lava rock. These slopes have a mineral rich soil that makes for a prime place to cultivate some of the best coffee on the planet.  Only coffee grown in the North and South Kona Districts may be termed Kona Coffee; making Kona coffee both rare and expensive.

What is Important to Know About Kona Coffee?

The only way to truly experience the authentic taste of Kona Coffee is to make sure that your beans are 100% certified. So, look for the Kona Coffee Council seal of approval on your next Kona Coffee purchase.  This seal states that you are purchasing 100% Kona.  Check out the Kona Coffee Council website, it is a great resource to learn about genuine Kona Coffee.

Also, don’t be mislead by coffee termed “Kona Blend”.  This is not a blend of several types of Kona beans, but rather a blend consisting of a small portion of real Kona Coffee mixed with coffee from different regions of the world.

Why Drink Kona Coffee?

“Rocky volcano slopes nurture it.
Sun-drenched mornings ripen it.
Misty afternoons refresh it.
Six hundred farmers meticulously handpick it.”

–From the Kona Coffee Council

You drink coffee because you enjoy it. Coffee enriches your life. While slowly drinking a cup of Kona Coffee, you will come alive with its great balance and imagine the volcanoes it came from. You will love its intense aroma and earthy taste. Enjoy Kona Coffee and allow your peaceful mind to take you on a trip to the islands of Hawaii.

So, by now you are certainly thirsting for a fresh cup of Kona Coffee; here are some great websites that are in the 100% certified Kona Coffee business.

Where to Buy Kona Coffee. . .

  • — Forbes named this Kona Coffee supplier “best coffee”. Choose from organic, decaffeinated, and even Private Reserve. You will love both their fantastic Kona Coffee as well as their wonderful deals.
  • — As a finalist for the 2009 Kona Coffee Festival Cupping Competition, it is certain that Kena Coffee is one of the top 100% pure Kona coffee distributors around. Pick from a variety of products from Kona Extra Fancy to Kona Green Bean. Also be sure to read customer testimonials and join the Kona Coffee Club.
  • — If you are looking for free shipping and great 100% authentic Kona Coffee, this Kona Coffee supplier is for you. As well as a tasty beverage, also get a little education while you visit this site. Check out their Defining Coffee Tastes section as well as their guidance to selecting and handling the perfect Kona Coffee.

Drink Up!

Green Coffee Beans – How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee of Your Life

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What Are Green Coffee Beans?

Coffee drinkers today have stepped it up a few notches (from buying roasted or ground beans from the store) and are roasting their very own green coffee beans at home.

Green coffee beans are un-roasted whole coffee beans. Green coffee beans come from the coffee plant typically grown in tropical or subtropical regions.  The seeds–what we call “beans”-are found two at a time in cherries found on the plant.

How Do I Store Green Coffee Beans?

When you buy green coffee beans, such as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans or Kona Coffee Beans, store them away from direct sunlight.  Also make sure they are in a container that allows them to breathe–a fabric bag works well.

If you store your green coffee beans properly they will keep their flavor and freshness for a good bit of time.  Use your properly stored green coffee beans within 2 years to make sure your coffee is at its best.

What Do I Need to Know About Roasting Green Coffee Beans?

  • The sooner you brew your coffee beans after you roast them the better-but allow them time to cool and mature in flavor first (at least 4 hours).
  • Remember to grind the beans just before you brew as they lose flavor and complexity if kept in the ground state for even the smallest amount of time.

  • Try to brew your coffee within a week after roasting the beans.  Many coffee lovers even suggest brewing coffee beans within 24-48 hours after roasting.

What Are the Different Methods to Roast Green Coffee Beans?

There are several methods of roasting your green coffee beans.

  • Buy a coffee roasting machine
  • Use a hot air popcorn popper
  • Use a cast iron skillet.

It will take some experimenting to find the depth of roast your prefer the best, or you might enjoy several different roast levels.

Roasting Stages:

  • early yellow
  • yellow-tan
  • light brown or cinnamon
  • brown
  • city roast (1st crack)
  • city+ roast
  • full city roast
  • full city+ roast (2nd crack)
  • Vienna-light French-continental
  • full French
  • and pretty much burnt from here on out

The beans start to burn at full French.  Many coffee drinkers prefer to pull the beans somewhere between city roast and Vienna (good for espresso).

Take the time to learn the art of home roasting from the experts! Enjoy your fresh coffee.  You deserve it! And remember to try Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee for a mild coffee with no bitter after-taste.

Top 5 Places to Buy Coffee Beans Online

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If you want the freshest, brightest, and most complex coffee; you are surely someone who would like to buy newly roasted whole coffee beans or green coffee beans that you roast yourself.  One way to get your hands on those delicious beans is to buy them from your local grocer or café.  Another great way to buy coffee beans is online.  There are plenty of wonderful online coffee distributors who are just waiting to fulfill all your coffee needs, here are the top 5 places to buy coffee beans online:


This wonderful coffee supplier is also a terrific coffee resource.  If you have any questions about coffee, this is the place to go.  Sweet Maria’s offers green coffee beans from all regions that cultivate coffee.  They also guarantee the highest quality on green coffee beans ensuring that you start with the best ingredients for your coffee-making ritual.  Sweet Maria’s is not a quick stop kind of site.  Give yourself plenty of time to look around their store and library, you will thank yourself.


Are you a Peetnik?  If  you want your coffee beans to show up at your door already roasted, it is time to become one. Peet’s Coffee & Tea is a specialty coffee roaster and coffee distributor.  They are known for their wide range of signature blends as well as supplying strong, dark roasted coffee. Don’t have a Peet’s near you?  No problem.  You can still have all your coffee needs met from their fabulous online store.  Be sure to check out Peet’s Online Exclusives that not only offer you exceptional coffee, but also give a bit of the human story that is behind every great cup of coffee.


If you love to roast your own coffee and are looking for a variety of green coffee beans, this is the place for you.  Coffee Bean Corral does not sell roasted coffee, they are purely a green coffee bean distributor. If you are new to roasting coffee, check out their Coffee Library.  Here you will learn Roasting Essentials and Basics.  Once you take a look through this wonderful green coffee bean supplier and coffee resource, you will make Coffee Bean Corral your one stop for all your coffee roasting needs. Is fair trade important to you? It is to Coffee Bean Corral too.  Check out their Fair Trade Selection. Also,  be sure to read the customer reviews they offer on any product you wish to purchase–this will help you know exactly what you are getting.


Do you need a coffee supplier who offers both green coffee beans and roasted coffee?  Then Green Beanery is the place for you.  This non-profit company offers a variety of fresh roasted whole coffee beans, green coffee beans, organic beans, fair trade coffee beans, and equipment for both home use and commercial use.  Environmentalists founded Green Beanery and also make up its staff. With this wonderful coffee distributor, you are sure to get the best product while keeping the planet highly in mind.  Be sure to check out their Coffee Library for any of your coffee questions.


Here is another fabulous coffee distributor that offers both freshly roasted whole coffee beans as well as green coffee beans.  With the roasted coffee, Coffee Bean Direct offers Coffee Blends, Flavored Coffee, as well as Fair Trade and Organic Coffee.  This store also supplies Single Origin Green Coffee Beans and Green Blends.  If you have a tea lover in the house, Coffee Bean Direct provides a great selection.  Here you will get the freshest coffee at whole sale price.

Be sure to check out the great Jamaican Blue Mountain video we display featuring Marley Coffee. Enjoy your coffee shopping. . .and your coffee!

Top 3 Online Resources That Will Teach You The Art of Home Roasting

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Coffee lovers all over the world are starting to roast their own coffee.  Not only do they love the enhanced taste and aroma of freshly roasted coffee straight from home, but they also love the act of roasting, grinding, and finally brewing their own coffee.  It can become a ritual of sorts–a wonderful way to experience coffee from the green coffee bean stage to the cup.

If you want to learn how to roast those green coffee beans, learn from the experts.   Here are some of the best online resources that will teach you everything you need to know about roasting your own coffee beans:

Sweet Maria’s is a self-proclaimed “Coffee University” and you are certain to agree.  Learn several roasting methods step by step from this wonderful resource.  There is the stove top popcorn popper method, the skillet/wok method, and the gas oven roasting method.  Remember that Sweet Maria’s is also a coffee supplier, so once you learn the art of home roasting; be sure to buy your green coffee beans and your coffee merchandise here.

Coffee Bean Corral is another coffee distributor that offers a wealth of information on coffee and coffee roasting.  In the Coffee Library category you will find sections on Roasting Basics, Bean Storage, Oven Roasting, Popcorn Popper Roasting, and Roasting in a Fresh Roast.  Coffee Bean Corral also evaluates roasters making sure you get the quality product you deserve.  Remember that this coffee supplier only sells green coffee beans, so it is the perfect place for you to shop to meet all your home roasting needs.  Coffee Bean Corral also sells brewers, grinders, roasters, and parts. Check out their specials too! is a great resource for the coffee community.  What is so great about this site is the comments. is no stranger to truly informative threads consisting of comments from regular people with real experience.  Read their Guides & How Tos, Reviews, Forums, and much more.  They offer a wonderful guide to roasting coffee with a popcorn popper here (don’t forget to check out all the resources they have to offer).  It is an easy to understand, step-by-step instructional guide with pictures to boot!  Remember to read the comments at the end of the article, you will get a lot of priceless information from the feedback.

Now you are on your way to becoming a world-class home coffee roaster.

Enjoy life and enjoy your coffee!