Why You Should Be Drinking Kona Coffee Now and 3 Great Ways to Get It In Your Cup!

What Makes Kona Coffee Special?

The exclusive and exquisite Kona Coffee comes from a very special region on the Big Island of Hawaii. This coffee region is particularly distinctive because it is the home of some very rich volcanic lava rock. These slopes have a mineral rich soil that makes for a prime place to cultivate some of the best coffee on the planet.  Only coffee grown in the North and South Kona Districts may be termed Kona Coffee; making Kona coffee both rare and expensive.

What is Important to Know About Kona Coffee?

The only way to truly experience the authentic taste of Kona Coffee is to make sure that your beans are 100% certified. So, look for the Kona Coffee Council seal of approval on your next Kona Coffee purchase.  This seal states that you are purchasing 100% Kona.  Check out the Kona Coffee Council website, it is a great resource to learn about genuine Kona Coffee.

Also, don’t be mislead by coffee termed “Kona Blend”.  This is not a blend of several types of Kona beans, but rather a blend consisting of a small portion of real Kona Coffee mixed with coffee from different regions of the world.

Why Drink Kona Coffee?

“Rocky volcano slopes nurture it.
Sun-drenched mornings ripen it.
Misty afternoons refresh it.
Six hundred farmers meticulously handpick it.”

–From the Kona Coffee Council

You drink coffee because you enjoy it. Coffee enriches your life. While slowly drinking a cup of Kona Coffee, you will come alive with its great balance and imagine the volcanoes it came from. You will love its intense aroma and earthy taste. Enjoy Kona Coffee and allow your peaceful mind to take you on a trip to the islands of Hawaii.

So, by now you are certainly thirsting for a fresh cup of Kona Coffee; here are some great websites that are in the 100% certified Kona Coffee business.

Where to Buy Kona Coffee. . .

  • KoaCoffee.com — Forbes named this Kona Coffee supplier “best coffee”. Choose from organic, decaffeinated, and even Private Reserve. You will love both their fantastic Kona Coffee as well as their wonderful deals.
  • KenaCoffee.com — As a finalist for the 2009 Kona Coffee Festival Cupping Competition, it is certain that Kena Coffee is one of the top 100% pure Kona coffee distributors around. Pick from a variety of products from Kona Extra Fancy to Kona Green Bean. Also be sure to read customer testimonials and join the Kona Coffee Club.
  • BlueHorseKona.com — If you are looking for free shipping and great 100% authentic Kona Coffee, this Kona Coffee supplier is for you. As well as a tasty beverage, also get a little education while you visit this site. Check out their Defining Coffee Tastes section as well as their guidance to selecting and handling the perfect Kona Coffee.

Drink Up!


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