Why Your Eyes Need You To Drink Coffee

We live in a visual society. Sight is a blessing. However, the overuse of sight is draining. The average person spends a good portion of their day on the computer. These very same people come home to watch TV or connect with others through social networking.

Shew. Poor eyes.

Some of us are so visually dependent, that we don’t even notice our own breath. Heck, we don’t even know if we are hungry or dehydrated … as long as our eyes are being stimulated, we forget we have ears, and lungs, and toes, and a nose, a tongue ….

So what does this have to do with coffee?


Coffee uses all the other senses. And thank god, sight is not required. Allow your eyes a nice break and make yourself a cup of coffee.

People that don’t even drink coffee, at least enjoy the aroma of freshly ground beans. What life that smell brings back to our body. Our nose is there for important reasons. Our sense of smell is under-stimulated, so we assume to smell the world is not important. We have convinced ourselves it is a waste of time. In doing this we have killed part of our world, an important part of our existence.

How many times have you stuffed food in your mouth while watching your favorite show? Did you even taste your food? Did you even recognize when you were full? Taste is an enjoyable sensation. That is why we love good coffee. We love the warm liquid on our tongue … we love the bitter, the sweet. We love the communication between coffee and tongue. How refreshing to turn off the mind, the eyes and taste life.

And let’s not forget about our ears. You know you love the sound of water draining through your coffee grounds … the silky song of freshly brewed coffee being poured into your favorite mug. And then, the feel, the sense of touch, of the warm coffee cup in your hands.

Wow, what a world coffee opens up to us!


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