Drink Coffee. Change the World.

Looking to make a difference while  indulging in your favorite pastime? Try buying your next cup of joe from one of these great nonprofit organizations:

  • Three Avocados – A Nonprofit Coffee Company: Three Avocados reinvests the profits made from selling coffee into clean drinking water, education, and other community services for the developing countries who produced the coffee. You can order online or make a donation.
  • Aspire Coffeeworks – Great Coffee Doing Good: Aspire CoffeeWorks not only creates quality craft-roasted coffees, but they also create jobs for people with developmental disabilities. This is a win-win situation. You get a fantastic cup of coffee and people with disabilities are given the chance to reach new heights and make their dreams come true.  Order your coffee online now, and while you’re at it, buy a shirt and a few coffee mugs too!
  • Land of a Thousand Hill Coffee Company – Drink Coffee. Do Good: Just watch Drink Coffee. Do Good. You will instantly be inspired to do more.

Enjoy your life, enjoy your coffee and enjoy doing good!


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