Properly Disposing of Old Espresso Machines

You love your espresso machine. For some, “love” might seem a little strong, but your discerning tastes demand the best and few others are capable of getting the brew precisely in tune with what you’ve come to enjoy and crave. That being said, you’ve come to a difficult juncture with that blessed little machine that’s gotten you through those tough times. It has grown old and years of delivering that perfect blend have taken their toll on the poor thing.

It’s understandable that you don’t want to admit it – parting is such sweet sorrow, after all – but the time has come to move on. Maybe you’re so dedicated that you have had it restored in the past, or maybe you have even done some restorations on your own. But it’s time to face reality: your espresso maker simply can’t go on giving you those delightfully delectable pick-me-ups anymore. You could just junk it, but that’s just wrong after all you’ve been through together.

How to Recycle Your Espresso Machine

Espresso MachineA better option is to recycle that old machine or grinder. You can’t just go throwing the thing into your recycle bin, though; not all of its parts belong in there. Recycling can be a bit confusing these days with all of the numbers (Does my state recycle number 4?) and materials that are and are not suitable for the program.

Thankfully, there are options available that allow experts in the field handle the process. Retailers like Seattle Coffee Gear have partnered with Uesugi USA to have unused machines dismantled and properly disposed of. They separate the recyclable parts (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and some plastics) from those that are non-recyclable components. The end result is that all the appropriate materials end up being reused, and as few parts as possible end in the landfill. Who knows, maybe that replacement espresso machine you buy will be partially constructed of someone else’s former maker.

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