3 Reasons You Need an Antique Coffee Grinder

You’re not a true coffee lover if you don’t grind your own coffee beans. What better to grind with than the best coffee grinder available?

Okay, so that’s a little harsh and pretentious, but you can’t deny the overwhelming difference in pre-ground coffee beans and the taste of freshly ground beans. Even if you can’t find the best coffee beans (which, by the way, is what our journey entails here, if you haven’t noticed) the smell, the taste and the mere enjoyment of the process make grinding coffee beans that much better.

What if you could make a wonderful tasting cup of coffee from freshly ground coffee beans whenever you wanted to? Would you be interested?

I have just the thing for you.

The Antique Coffee Grinder

antique coffee grinderAn antique coffee grinder, also known as a coffee mill, is basically a manual driven coffee grinder. It has a cast iron handle that you rotate and a drawer that catches the coffee grounds at the bottom. Of course, there are modern alternatives, such as an electric coffee grinder, so why, you ask, would you want an antique coffee grinder.

I’ll tell you why…

1. Environment Friendly

Every little bit helps. You may be thinking, is an electric coffee bean grinder going to jump start global warming and cause Al Gore to make a sequel to An Inconvenient Truth? Probably not. But why not, in your addiction to coffee, make your contribution while making your next cup of joe.

2. Your Beans Will Never Be The Same

You owe it to your whole coffee beans to grind them right. An antique coffee grinder will grind your beans to just the right texture, without overheating them. It will also preserve the flavor of each newly ground beans. And while an electric grinder may seem convenient, who wants all that noise. So with an antique grinder you’ll get better quality and less noise. You just can’t lose…

3. Grind In Style

This is my favorite part. Antique coffee grinders just look cool. While there are lots of different styles to choose from, the vintage look is consistent with every model and adds an air of sophistication to any type of household decor. The various styles include grinders made of wood, unpainted with a cast iron handle on the top and glass grinders that you can mount on the wall. You can find styles from different eras, such as the Parker Nation Mills made at the turn of the 20th century and the art deco design during the 1920s.

Where To Find an Antique Coffee Grinder

As I’m sure you might have guessed, you can’t just head out to your local Walmart and buy one of these grinders. While they aren’t readily available or necessarily easy to find, you can find them. Try visiting yard sales, or, more likely, an estate sale will have them. Really, though, the best place to find an antique coffee grinder is on the Internet. What better place to find collectibles online than on eBay?

An antique coffee grinder is a great collectible to have that will grind your coffee beans to just the right texture with much less noise than an electric grinder and will add a nice vintage decorative feel to your kitchen. Of course, not everyone wants to manually grind their coffee beans. This is in no way a polemic on electric coffee grinders. Some consider an electric grinder the best coffee grinder on the market. Find out for yourself… who knows, you may never drink a cup of coffee without it again.

Do you have an antique coffee grinder? What kind is it? Does the coffee taste better? Do you use it often?

Let us know in the comments…

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