Remember to Read Your Reminders: Putting Coffee in the Freezer

I write about coffee, so I know not to put coffee in the freezer.

Ahem, then why have I been putting my coffee in the freezer for the past month?

The Power of Good Looks

Last month, some ultra hip friends of mine who are way too good-looking hosted a get-down, get-together. I went … ready to party! As soon as I arrived, I noticed all the other guests worshipping and over-value-ing the opinions of my super-superb looking friends. It’s sickening. I’m against all that. I pride myself on focusing on what someone says and not on the puckered lips that say it.

That’s right! I don’t care how puckered your lips are and swivel-y your hips; if you say something stupid, I’m going to notice! But, if you have a party and ask me to get the vodka from the freezer and I notice you put your coffee in the freezer, I will subconsciously start to do that at home … because you’re so good-looking.

So that’s what happened.

I forgot everything I learned about coffee and why I should not place it in the freezer and placed it in the dang freezer–all because a couple of hipsters got into my subconscious! (Check out this great article on coffee storage at

Oh well.

You Can Only Hurt Your Coffee For So Long Before it Starts Writing on the Wall

If it wasn’t for eating well, my coffee would probably still be absorbing odors from my frozen sausage to this day (and I would be blaming the coffee producers). Here’s why:

I love to shop at Earth Fare. It is the most warm and inviting grocery store. I’ve never been so in love with food.

  • Crucial Side Note: I’ve also never understood the meaning of food until I read Wendell Berry’s The Pleasure of Eating at


Of course, I now purchase my coffee at Earth Fare. I tried West End Coffee Company. They have a beautiful Toasted Carolina Pecan with a taste and aroma not unlike whisper-y love notes. I picked up the West End coffee package and just before I placed her in the freezer (yikes) I noticed in big print on the side:


Coffee’s three enemies: Moisture. Oxygen. Light. We recommend storing your coffee in an airtight, non-translucent storage container at room temperature. Do not keep your coffee container in your refrigerator or freezer.


And Why I Just Love, Love, Love Life

We get to mess up. That’s right. We get to mess up and life will spell out the reminders for us.

Now, isn’t that beautiful!

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