Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – For the Coffee and Chocolate Lover

If you love coffee and chocolate, you’re in for a treat if you try chocolate covered coffee beans. When you think of anything chocolate covered, you probably think of kid candy, but chocolate covered coffee beans are the sophisticated treat for adults. You’ll have a lot of variety, because you can find all sorts of different flavors and brands. You really can’t make a mistake when choosing, because the combination of chocolate and coffee, especially if you like both, are a match made in taste bud heaven.

Though it’s hard to find bad tasting chocolate covered coffee beans, here are some tips on how to find the best tasting kind.

Dark Chocolate and Coffee Beans – Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

As a chocolate lover, I’m sure you know there are different types of chocolate. If you want the taste of dark chocolate and coffee, go with beans made from Cafe Britt. With Cafe Britt, you’ll get great tasting coffee beans with that rich dark chocolate taste also. These beans are great and have very little caffeine, which will help if you like eating your treats at night after your last meal. On the other hand, if you want some chocolate covered coffee beans loaded with caffeine, you might want to go with another product.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans With a Kick

Beans with more caffeine still come in a variety of flavors and will show you how much caffeine they contain per box, relative to cups of coffee. These types of beans are great for a morning snack, especially those days you don’t have time to brew a cup of coffee. Now, for those of you that like coffee with a kick, a great type of chocolate covered coffee beans are those made with espresso. Espresso is really just a concentrated form of coffee, but certain beans will make a stronger cup of coffee with more caffeine. These beans are for the flavor lovers. You’ll find each little bean packed with rich chocolate and java flavor for your delight. The bitter sweet combination will give you the best of both worlds and give you a great pick-me-up for those groggy mornings or tired afternoons.

Chocolate covered coffee beans are a great snack for both the coffee connoisseur and the chocolate lover. Whether you like milk chocolate with a slight coffee taste or a little coco sweetness with an extreme espresso taste, you’ll find it in all the varieties of beans that are out there. Don’t hold back, try as many as you can and as many as you like. Just don’t blame us if you’re up all night after you accidentally ate an entire bag!

Photo by: hakze

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2 Comments on "Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – For the Coffee and Chocolate Lover"

  • hakze on Tue, 12th Oct 2010 6:42 pm 


    Thanks for using my picture. Couldn’t reply your mail for some reason.
    Coffee beans covered in chocolate sounds yummie ;-)

    Judith hakze


  • Shannon on Fri, 5th Nov 2010 3:14 pm 

    I’ve had them before. They’re quite crunchy. Very delicious. :)


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